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Me and We

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Play, Inspire, Create is a mantra that describes the collaborative process. Play means a lot to me. After years of schooling that focused only on results, I had to retrain myself the art of play. The creative process is not linear. Over time, I have identified patterns in my process that work for me and whom I'm working with. This took years of trial and error and deep self inquiry to be able to confidently show up and get stuff done. Inspiration is life. When we get together and start creating, we grow exponentially. When we are open in the creative process we will intuitively learn things from each other, share skills, develop strengths and awarenesses. We will get stronger just by being in each others presence. This makes the creation process flow almost effortlessly.

I want to photograph and film your natural essence. I use a custom guideline as a frame for what we are creating. This helps me get to know you and what you're looking for. It also helps you visualize where I'm coming from so there is no confusion or doubt when we are working together.  Giving you as much value as I can was the focus when creating these packages. They were specifically curated by asking myself "How much can I offer given the time we have together?" "What would create lasting joy for someone working with me?". Most of the people I have worked with still use the photo's and video's I produced for them years later. My hope is that these artistic creations maintain longevity as your business grows.

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